Acupuncture in Montreal

Acuponcture Montréal

A technique of oriental medicine, acupuncture aims to improve your health and relieve your pain. Acupuncture takes into account the physical, emotional and mental aspects. We practice it in our Montreal and Mont-St-Hilaire clinics.

Acupuncture is practiced by the implantation and manipulation of fine needles on certain parts of your body.

The goal is simple: rebalance and revitalize your body. In addition to using needles, your acupuncturist can apply:

– Heat ;

– Pressures;

– Electrical stimulation;

– A light ray.

Our acupuncture clinic in Montreal provides you with care tailored to your condition and needs, learn more.

Acupuncture in Montreal: Effective treatment

Kiroclinique does not only offer a chiropractic service in Montreal, but also a bespoke service with professional acupuncturists.

– Rheumatoid arthritis;

– Headaches and migraines;

– Sprains;

– Lumbago;

– Anxiety or depression;

Kiroclinique acupuncture service in Montreal is an effective treatment for many diseases and symptoms. Acupuncture has a wide and broad field of intervention.

Enjoying acupuncture in Montreal, you will enjoy many benefits on your body including:

– The relief of your pains;
– Sedative, soothing and relaxing effects;
– The restoration of the natural balance of the body having an influence on the endocrine and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems;
– A positive influence on your immune system
– The engagement of natural mechanisms of healing of the body.

As soon as your first pains appear, it is important to act quickly so that they do not get worse. An acupuncturist will take care of the diagnosis of your state of health while offering you the best care to find your optimal health.

Kiroclinique: Your acupuncture clinic in Montreal

Regulated by the professional Board, the profession of acupuncturist has been regulated for more than 20 years in Quebec.

The acupuncturists of Kiroclinique are part of the Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec and have been providing care for many years. Our team consists of:

Marie-Claude Faille, Ac. at Kiroclinique McGill;
Ana Gabriela Poinsard de Melo, Ac. at Kiroclinique Mont-St-Hilaire.

Listening, empathy and expertise punctuate the daily lives of our acupuncturists with the sole purpose of relieving your pain. Do not stay with persistent pain.

Acupuncture in Montreal will help you regain optimal health.

Note that Rosemont College is the only institution that offers recognized training in acupuncture and that the Acupuncture Act must be respected by all institutions that apply acupuncture in Montreal.

In addition to acupuncture in Montreal, our clinic offers complementary care, including:

– Chiropractic, which consists of acting as a preventive or curative measure to relieve your pain using specific manual techniques;
Massage therapy that aims to relieve your pain with a natural therapy by touch for therapeutic or relaxing purposes.

Depending on your needs and ailments, our team will guide you to the most appropriate care for your condition.

Would you like to benefit from our expertise in acupuncture in Montreal? Contact us today at (514) 504-5476 or by visiting us at the following address:

2075 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard, Suite 440

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Relieve your pain with acupuncture in Montreal!