Kiroclinique: Your chiropractic clinic

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Are you looking for a solution for the pain that is preventing you from living your life to the fullest? Kiroclinique is a chiropractic clinic that offers a variety of treatments to bring one’s best mentally, physically and emotionally well being.

Why consult at Kiroclinique?

Chiropractic is a discipline that focuses on restoring and maintaining the health of your joints, muscles and nerves through the use of an adjustment. Children, pregnant women, athletes and elderly can benefit from the care of such alternative medicine.

We act as a preventive or curative care to restore or preserve the functional balance between the various organs of your body. We restore normal movement, relieve pain and stimulate higher function of your brain and nervous system.

Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain, lower back pain? Do you want to correct your posture? You want to heal a sport injury? A first visit with one of our chiropractors in our chiropractic clinic is enough to obtain a complete and personalized therapeutic plan.

Choosing a chiropractic clinic that cares about your health

The vision behind our chiropractic clinic is to overcome your injuries, relief your pain and provide you a sustained wellness. We release you from acute or chronic pains that have a direct impact on your quality of life and your well being.

When you meet one of our chiropractors, they take the time to discuss your health condition in an atmosphere where trust and professionalism prevails. The first visit will allow you to share your daily symptoms or disabilities. Listening to our patients carefully, helps us providing an accurate diagnosis to get the best results.

Our mission is to provide you with the support you need to achieve realistic goals, whether focused on preventing or improving your health.

A team of chiropractors united to help you

Our team consists of four chiropractic professionals, each of whom is a member of the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec, the Quebec chiropractic Association and the Candadian chiropractic Association:

Dr. Diana Al Ayoubi;

Dr. Janelle Authier;

Dr. Simon Lupien;

Dr. Julien Aubé.

As a chiropractic clinic, we offer both relief and wellness care, we utilize various approaches, always adapted to your needs. We favor the development of personalized treatments, possible by a continuous communication between our patients and our professionals.

Each person is different. So, should be your chiropractic care.

A chiropractic clinic adapted to your needs

Apart from chiropractic care, we also offer other services related to alternative medicine that also promote good health.

We believe that a variety of treatments provide different relief and benefits. In addition, this gives the patient the opportunity to opt for therapeutic care according to his preferences.

Massage therapy and acupuncture are two natural approaches also available at Kiroclinique. Therefore, these provide you with effective relief and complete relaxation. These are two practices that add up very well with chiropractic.

Want to take care of your health? Contact our chiropractic clinic now.

(514) 504-5476 for our chiropractic clinic in Montreal and (450) 527-1239 in Saint-Hilaire.