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What is a chiropractor?

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Your chiropractor at Kiroclinique

The chiropractor is a primary care professional, who can be consulted any time without having to be referred by another healthcare professional. With their 5-year Doctorate of Chiropractic, chiropractors have the following skills:

• Perform an appropriate physical examination (postural, neurological, orthopedic)
• Prescribe and read X-rays and medical imagery (if necessary)
• Give a chiropractic diagnosis
• Develop and provide a treatment plan depending on the patient’s condition

The chiropractic profession is recognized and regulated by the Office des Professions du Québec (OPQ). In addition, it is administered by a professional Order, whose mission is to protect the public. All chiropractors are liable to the Loi sur la Chiropratique and must conform to a Code of Ethics and professional rules.

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