Visit to the chiropractor

centre chiropratique

First visit to the chiropractor

The first visit to the chiropractor health center goes as follows:

–  A clinical interview which to determine what triggered the need for consultation, and to review of your current and past health condition.

– A series of physical examinations, to target the cause of your condition, including:

1- an evaluation of your posture
2- an assessment of joints range of motion
3- an orthopedic evaluation
4- a neurological evaluation
5- a screening for spinal and joint subluxations (mobility problems or joints misalignment)

–  Based on the results of these tests, your chiropractor health center will establish a diagnosis.

– Sometimes, the chiropractor decides to take X-rays of your spine or other joints to help him in his clinical approach. Before taking the radiographs, the chiropractor will explain the process and answer your questions.

The following visits

Following the report of your initial examination results, the chiropractor will explain your diagnosis and the type of care that will be helpful for your condition, or will refer you to another healthcare professional. In addition, he will give you recommendations in accordance with your lifestyle, your habits and your diet.

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