Kiroclinique is a multidisciplinary chiropractic clinic located in downtown Montreal and Mont-St-Hilaire

Our team is composed of chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists.

This allows us to offer you care adapted to your condition, in addition to offering complete management of your various health problems, no matter what is your age!

Kiroclinique, with its central location in Montreal (McGill Metro Station), is easily accessible by public transport.

We offer online booking appointment service, but do not hesitate to contact our assistant directly at (514) 504-5476 if you can not find a time in the schedule with one of our professionals that works for you.



    review rating 5  I had been working on my posture using exercise for several years, but I felt I had hit a plateau of what I could achieve without assistance. After a bit of research, I decided a chiropractor should be able to help me. Dr. Janelle took a full assessment of my symptoms and an Xray of my pelvis/hips, which have been a problem area for me. After revealing I have one short leg and a twist in my spine, I had my first session of adjustments. I am shocked with how much immediate relief I left! I feel warmer (normally I am always cold), my digestion has improved, and a large amount of pressure and tension was released from my neck/back. People close to me find I am in better spirits, and I honestly feel my mood general mood has improved. I have already recommended Dr. Janelle to everyone I know, and I recommend her to anyone reading as well!

    thumb Michelle LeBlanc

    review rating 5  Great service. Prompt appointments.

    thumb coben apparel

    review rating 5  This is THE place to go for massage therapy. I had tingling in my feet for months and saw all sorts of medical doctors, blood tests. Jeremie, the massage therapist, cured me with 2 treatments. I also saw Marie, the acupunturist, and I came away feeling like I was walking on clouds - so relaxed and comfortable. Will DEFINITELY go back. I've already recommended a slew of people to this place and taken a bunch of their business cards to give out!

    thumb Joseph