Chiropractic care can help you

Chiropractic is a natural approach dedicated to helping maintain good health without drugs or surgery. In fact, it is known for relieving and treating neuromusculoskeletal conditions, while ensuring a good working nervous system. In addition to helping relieve symptomatic conditions, chiropractic focuses on prevention to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of conditions for which patients most often consult a chiropractor:
• Headache
• Neck pain
• Back pain
• Scoliosis
• Sciatica
• Tendinitis/Bursitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Pregnancy-related pain
• Sports injuries
• Postural correction

Your chiropractor in Montreal: Kiroclinique

Are you looking for a solution to your persisting pains that slow you down in your daily life? You suffer from a sports injury? Or is it your posture that is not adequate and requires corrections? Kiroclinique offers a chiropractic service in Montreal.

Our goal is simple: help you get your life back on track.

A chiropractic consultation with Kiroclinique

By meeting your chiropractor in Montreal at Kiroclinique, it becomes possible to overcome your pain and discomfort that’s been affecting your daily activities. No matter what is the frequency and intensity of your pain, our chiropractors will help you restore your physical abilities as quickly as possible.

At Kiroclinique, we help all types of patients. Children, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly with personalized and adapted treatments.

A first chiropractic visit?

If this is your first chiropractic visit, the consultation is even more important for us to understand your needs. Our chiropractors in Montreal, will diagnose the cause of your ailment so we can find just the right remedy and solution to restore your health and well being. Subsequently, our group of chiropractors in Montreal will be able to adapt the treatment plan to help you relief or prevent pain, in the short term as well as in the long term.

Here are few examples of injuries and physical disfunction that might prompt you to book a consultation with one of our chiropractors in Montreal:

– Recurrent headaches and migraines;

– Neck or shoulder pain;

– Lower back pain or other back problems;

– Bad posture ;

The physical problems that can be treated by chiropractic are numerous. If you think you need the help of a chiropractor, do not hesitate to come to us for a personal treatment plan.

Why Kiroclinique?

We offer chiropractic treatment that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Our Downtown Montreal Chiropractic clinic provides the highest caliber of chiropractic care for patients in a safe and nurturing environment. We are proud to be considered the best chiropractor in Montreal by many of our patients.

It is by showing empathy and listening that we are able to quickly understand your physical situation and offer you the appropriate treatment. That’s the strength and difference of our team. In this way, our chiropractors in Montreal can accompany you in the best possible way.

We look forward to providing the premier chiropractic services you can depend on to help you get Back in Balance!

Our team of chiropractors, united to relieve you

The members of our team are members of the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec and Canadian Chiropractic Association.

In addition to offering chiropractic services, our professionals offer a variety of alternative medicine services to help you achieve your optimal physical condition.

Acupuncture service

Massotherapy Service

Want to get back into shape? To regain control over your health? Get in touch with our chiropractors in Montreal (514)504-5476 or Mont-St-Hilaire (450)527-1239.

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