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Sports Injuries

Exercise is recommended by all healthcare professionals to restore and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, sports that are not adapted to our physical condition could provoke injuries.

Thanks to their studies and expertise in sports fields and injures, chiropractors are able to guide their patients in their sport practice and to provide appropriate care to athletes of all levels.

With their extensive knowledge of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are able to assess, diagnose and treat most problems related to physical activity. They are the health professionals of choice for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. With the help of specific exercises, chiropractic care helps restore mechanical function, promote neuromuscular control and facilitate proprioceptive functions.

At Kiroclinique, our chiropractors are trained to heal your sports injuries and help your performance.

Regarding professional athletes, a chiropractic follow-up is imperative to avoid over-training injuries or articular degeneration. Furthermore, they may improve their performance with chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation exercises and professional advice.

If you or your child do sports, amateur or professional, it is recommended to receive a complete neuromusculoskeletal evaluation with your chiropractor. He will then be able to propose a custom treatment plan adapted to your needs.

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