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Headaches are among the most common reasons to consult a healthcare professional. There are many causes that can be related to these affections contrary to popular belief, stress is not the most common.

One thing is sure, whatever the reason, you want it to stop as soon as possible!

Sometimes, certain headaches can be so painful and they make us so dysfunctional that we can think that we suffer from a serious condition.

However, headaches are rarely a sign of something serious. Chiropractors encounter patients with such conditions very frequently.

What are the causes of headaches?

The goal of chiropractic is to determine the cause of your headaches which are often connected to a cervical spine dysfunction.

Such dysfunction may be related to the posture of the spine, a nerve irritation or a muscular fatigue.

Bad diet, excess of alcohol, poor lighting, excessive noise or daily stress can also cause headaches. In rare cases, they can be caused by organic problems, such as brain tumor or stroke.

Our physical examination will try to establish clearly the cause of your problem.

How can a chiropractor help with headaches?

Your doctor of chiropractic is a specialist in neuro-musculoskeletal condition (i.e. nerves, muscles and bones). He will perform a physical examination (joint examination, orthopedic and neurological) to determine if your symptoms can be relieved by chiropractic care. The exam can determine if the headaches are caused or aggravated by a poor alignment of the spine, which is also called a subluxation.

At Kiroclinique, our chiropractors will help you determine the cause of your headaches and relieve them.

Chiropractic can help prevent irritation in the neck or in the head. In certain cases, chiropractic adjustments can offer immediate relief.

Nevertheless, each headache is unique and can require special recommendations from your chiropractor. If your case requires the attention of other healthcare specialists, your chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate one.


What can be done to avoid headaches?

• Maintain a good posture to help reduce spinal mis-alignments.
• Seek to avoid and better manage stressful situations that could generate a headache.
• Take some time to relax, breathe some fresh air, and take a walk.
• Avoid excessive fatigue and tiredness.
Exercise regularly to stimulate blood circulation and improve muscular and cardiovascular capacity.
Sleep properly.
• Avoid sleeping on your stomach. It is better to sleep on one’s side, with the head properly supported, or on the back.
• Consult your chiropractor regularly, to make sure that your spine is in good shape.
• Do not abuse food or alcohol.

As a chiropractic clinic, we offer both relief and wellness care, we utilize various approaches, always adapted to your needs. We favor the development of personalized treatments, possible by a continuous communication between our patients and our professionals.

Each person is different. So, should be your chiropractic care.

A chiropractic clinic adapted to your needs

Apart from chiropractic care, we also offer other services related to alternative medicine that also promote good health.

We believe that a variety of treatments provide different relief and benefits. In addition, this gives the patient the opportunity to opt for therapeutic care according to his preferences.

Massage therapy and acupuncture are two natural approaches also available at Kiroclinique. Therefore, these provide you with effective relief and complete relaxation. These are two practices that add up very well with chiropractic.

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