Headache and Migraine Diagnosis

When you suffer from chronic headache pain, meeting with a healthcare professional experienced in headaches is no longer an option. Migraines can prevent you from living comfortably and going about your daily activities, so it is important to consult a practitioner quickly to regain an optimal level of comfort.

Headaches or migraines are also among the most common reasons to consult a healthcare professional. There are many causes of headaches, and contrary to popular belief, stress is not the most common. One thing is certain: whatever the cause of the headache, you want it to end quickly!

Sometimes, certain headaches are so painful and make us so dysfunctional that we might think we are suffering from a serious physical health problem. However, they are rarely a sign of this; they are common symptoms.

At Kiroclinique, our acupuncturists and chiropractors are experienced in the management of headache disorders. We use spinal manipulations, soft tissue therapies, and other treatments to help adults with headaches. Our  physical therapist will also provide you with advice on lifestyle changes that can help reduce your headaches. Learn more about this chronic condition, its diagnosis, and the ways to treat migraines and headaches thanks to a healthcare professional in Montreal.

What are the causes of headaches?

Our physical therapist uses a variety of techniques to diagnose and treat chronic headaches. We employ descriptive analyses to determine the cause of your headaches and develop an individualized treatment plan. Our medical management includes chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, manual therapies, and therapeutic massage. We also provide advice on headache triggers such as stress, fatigue, poor posture, and dietary habits.

In the chiropractic field, we look for the cause of this chronic pain; it is often related to dysfunctions of the cervical spine. These dysfunctions may be related to poor posture in the spinal cord, nerve irritation, or muscle fatigue.

Excess tension in the shoulders or upper back or a stiff neck may lead to tension-type headaches. Diet, alcohol, poor lighting, excessive noise, or simply everyday stress can also cause headaches. Our physical examination will allow us to identify the cause of your problem.

Primary and secondary headaches

In addition to episodic and chronic migraines, there are more than 150 types of headaches. These conditions are generally divided into two categories: primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches are related to the dysfunction or overactivity of the pain-sensing functions in your head. Primary headaches include:

  • Neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions, such as problems in the occipital nerve (Arnold’s neuralgia) or auriculotemporal nerve, a herniated disc, muscle pain, neck pain, and lower back pain.
  • The tension problems mentioned previously.

As for secondary headaches, they are related to a physical condition, such as dehydration, medication, or sinus problems. The intensity of the migraine headaches does not necessarily mean that they are a symptom of a more serious condition.

To get a specific headache diagnostic by a healthcare professional specializing in headaches, contact Kiroclinique. Thanks to a physical examination, the chiropractor is able to determine the source of an intense migraine.

How to determine whether it is a migraine or a headache according to a healthcare professional?

Many people who suffer from migraines may wrongly believe that they just have a simple headache. The difference is not easy to distinguish, since these two types of headaches can occur at the same time. It is also possible for a tension-type headache to turn into a migraine.

Unlike a headache, a migraine often affects only one side of the head and will produce a throbbing sensation. A person suffering from a migraine may also experience nausea and have difficulty tolerating sound and light.

What healthcare professional should be consulted for headaches in Montreal?

From the early stages of your headaches, if they are frequent and prevent you from performing your daily activities comfortably, it is important to consult a professional.

To get a precise headache diagnostic and find the source of your headaches and migraines, we strongly recommend meeting with a chiropractic doctor in Montreal.

What can the chiropractic doctor do to help?

Your chiropractic doctor is trained in diagnosing headaches and neuro-musculoskeletal problems (nerves, muscles, and bones). They will conduct a physical examination (articular, orthopedic, and neurological) to determine whether your symptoms can be relieved by chiropractic care.

The examination can determine if the headaches may be caused or aggravated by a misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine—a condition known as “subluxation.” At Kiroclinique, our physical therapist will be able to determine the cause of your headaches and help you relieve them.

Chiropractic care can help prevent irritation in the neck and head. In some cases, chiropractic adjustments can provide immediate relief from headaches. However, each headache is unique and may require special recommendations.

Headaches and acupuncture

In addition to chiropractic treatments, acupuncture is a good solution for eliminating headaches and chronic migraines. By inserting and manipulating dry needles in targeted parts of your body, acupuncture rebalances and revitalizes your body.

In addition, acupuncture isn’t limited to the use of needles. A certified acupuncturist at Kiroclinique can offer you treatment using:

  • Heat (moxibustion);
  • Pressure;
  • Electrical stimulation;
  • Light beams.

Our clinic in Montreal and our specialized practitioners will offer you manual therapies tailored to your migraines. We also offer an excellent therapeutic massage service to help you regain your physical health and peace of mind quickly.

9 tips from a practitioner to prevent headaches

  1. Maintain good posture to help reduce misalignment in the cervical spine.
  2. Try to avoid and better manage situations of pressure and stress that can cause headaches.
  3. Take the time to relax, close your eyes, breathe a little fresh air, and even go for a walk.
  4. Avoid excessive fatigue and exhaustion.
  5. Exercise regularly to stimulate the blood circulation and improve your muscular and cardiorespiratory capacity.
  6. Avoid sleeping too little or too much.
  7. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleep on your side instead, with your head well supported, or on your back.
  8. Do not abuse food or alcohol.
  9. Stay hydrated.

To diagnose and treat chronic headaches, we also provide a variety of online resources to help you better understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments for headache disorders. Our online cross-sectional survey can help you determine the frequency of migraines and other forms of headaches. We also have access to clinical trials that may offer effective treatment options for your specific condition.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Kiroclinique clinic nearest you. Our healthcare professionals will help you relieve your headaches.

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