How to treat a neck pain ?

Neck and shoulder pain are the most common complaints at a chiropractor clinic. These pains are usually at the posterior part of the neck and can be characterised with neck stiffness and loss of normal range of motion in the cervical spine. Whether it is a simple backache related to a bad posture, a nerve root in the cervical spine that becomes inflamed or a problem in the spinal cord, neck pain is not to be neglected and must be treated.

Some people can wake-up with sudden neck pain, without any circumstances of appearance but others can be related to chronic tensions with long hours behind screens or postural dysfunction. In this article learn how to cure a neck pain, by visiting a chiropractor, and how to distinguish the different types of pains.

What are the different types of neck pain?

Acute neck pain

This type of cervicalgia, is associated with sharp neck pain, neck muscles contractures and limitation in neck movements due to pain. In some cases, the symptoms can lead to radiation toward the arms and hands, with numbness or weakness. Acute neck pain can be related to a sudden movement in the neck, a bad posture while sleeping or working, or to a trauma. Also disc degeneration or osteoarthritis can be a cause of acute pain.

To treat this neck pain, chiropractors usually recommend the application of ice, along with reducing the actions that can aggravate the symptoms. If after 2 days the complaints aren’t diminished, a visit to a chiropractor is recommended to determine the cause of this neck pain and treat it accordingly.

Chronic neck pain

This pain is usually less severe but occurs for more than 3 months. It could be combined with neck movements limitation and sometimes related headaches and morning stiffness. Chronic neck pain could be the result of an old injury, or due to repetitive movements or poor posture. The treatment for this type of pain can consist of certain exercises to increase the mobility of the neck. Also an important change in the bad postural habits and work setups, can be highly effective.

How to cure a neck pain on my own?

It is difficult and could be dangerous to relieve back pain alone, especially when it deals with the cervical spine. Only a physical therapist will be able to detect if your stiff neck is due to a pinched nerve or a bone spurs for example. With a medical advice you will be able to take muscle relaxants or to apply heating pad to treat your neck pain. However you can prevent neck pain by :

  • Using a good posture;
  • Taking frequent breaks during your day to relax your muscles;
  • Adjusting your desk, chair and computer when working
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags over your shoulder
  • Sleeping in a good position.

Pain relief: How can a chiropractor help with neck pain?

A doctor of chiropractic can be a real pain reliever. Chiropractic practitioner is the main healthcare professional that is specialised in assessing the cause of the pain, setting a proper diagnosis and doing a specific treatment related to the complaints. With manual and muscular therapies, during a physical therapy, the chiropractor will gently stretch your muscle and help you relieve neck tensions and increase neck mobility. X-rays can be done to see if there is any spine degeneration or underlying conditions.  Also an exercise plan will be given to strengthen the back muscles and stretch the spasmed muscles.

In certain cases, when the pain is related to a posture dysfunction, a postural correction exercises plan will be provided by the chiropractor. If you are having neck pain and would like to treat it, you can consult a chiropractor to get the best treatments and relieve your pain.

Dr Diana Al Ayoubi, chiropraticienne, D.C. author

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