Is your desk job the cause of your tendinitis?

Do you regularly experience discomfort on your wrist in front of your computer? Perhaps the excessive use of the mouse during your workday could create discomfort or pain.

Wrist tendinitis is one of the side effects of the new technologies in te 21st century.


If you are a good swimmer, a carpenter or a pitcher in baseball, you are also exposed to the risk of suffering from a tendinitis, but this time on the shoulder. The overuse of your muscles and tendons in the area concerned can lead to microtrauma in sports, work or leisure activities. Also, a tendinitis can radiate pain to the neck or fingers.

Regarding a shoulder tendinitis, this joint includes four muscles that constitute the rotator cuff: the subscapularis, the supraspinous, the infraspinatus and the M. teres minor. Often it is the supraspinatus tendon that is involved in the shoulder tendinitis by creating an inflammation. This muscle connects the humerus (upper arm bone) to the shoulder joint.



A tendinitis usually occurs when the tendon is overused due to frequent repetition of improper movements. This repetitive use can lead to tissue fatigue that will override the body’s adaptation mechanisms (homeostasis).

The vertebral subluxation (disturbance of the mechanics of certain vertebrae of the spine disrupting neurological functions) can also lead to a deficient control of the muscles of the shoulder. For example, by causing an asymmetrical movement of the joint. This asymmetrical movement could hurt the supporting tissues (capsule, ligament, tendon).

This loss of control of the nervous system can also lead to local depletion of the bloodstream, weaken all of the component tissues and make them more vulnerable to injury.

Finally, a malfunction of the dorsal vertebrae can lead to painful radiation to the shoulder including abnormal muscle tension in the scapula. In return, it will prevent the shoulder from moving freely and efficiently.



To reduce the risk of wrist tendinitis, try changing the mouse format. By changing the grip, you will change the movement of your hand as well as your fingers.

Regarding the shoulder tendinitis, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of this joint area, especially the muscles of the rotator cuff. It is also helpful to have shoulder warm-up exercises before engaging in work that requires effort with the arm in a raised position.

If you have to lift objects on high shelves for example, it is better to use a stepladder. In this way, you will avoid stretching to take an object at arm’s length. Similarly, when you are on the front seat of a car, avoid twisting to get a bag or document in the back seat. These mouvements offsets the shoulder while increasing the risk of injury.

Although not a serious condition in itself, failure to treat a tendinitis quickly may create a series of more serious problems (bursitis, tendon tear, etc.) or progression to a chronic tendinitis. Sometimes the range of motion of the arm is reduced and the shoulder muscles get weaker slowly because they are not used.

Do not wait to heal. Like all the problems associated with joints, the longer you wait, the worst the injury will get and more time will be required to reach your initial condition.


– Apply ice 15 minutes every three hours. When there is pain, there is often presence of inflammation. Inflammation is more effectively controlled with ice applications.

– Avoid the application of heat, which tends to increase inflammation.

– Modify your mouse position when the pain appears. Or for the most skilled, change hands from time to time!

– Move your shoulder regularly during the day, avoiding movements in painful directions.

– Consult your doctor in chiropractic to perform a review of your neuro-musculoskeletal system. This will help identify the source of the problem while promoting faster recovery.


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